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Every fiber of your being yearns to live a more fulfilled life, but you don't know where to start. You live day-by-day on autopilot. Home, school, work, and then repeat. You're a robot. You're dead inside. So when will you break free from this vicious cycle and start to truly live? Hopefully your answer is NOW!

  • Practical

    This course will give you practical step-by-step tools. Take the guess work out of healing.

  • Simple

    This course is broken up into four modules. I will hand hold you and guide you through each step.

  • Fast

    This course will be completed within 4 days MAX. Find who you are and start living now.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Beginner's Guide To Finding Yourself
    • Introduction to course
    • Module 1.0 Who You SHOULD Be
    • 1.1 What Your Family Told You
    • 1.2 What Your Immediate Environment Told You
    • 1.3 What Your Culture Told You
    • Module 2.0 Who You WANT To Be
    • 2.1 Tell Me Your Fantasies
    • 2.2 Describe What Your Life Would Look Like
    • 2.3 Describe The Feeling
    • Module 3.0 Who You ARE
    • 3.1 Make A List
    • 3.2 Ask For Feedback
    • 3.3 Narrow Down Who You Are
    • Module 4.0 Express Who You Are
    • 4.1 Get Rid Of Who You Are NOT
    • 4.2 Get Rid Of Who You Think You SHOULD be
    • 4.3 Start LIVING


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should take this course?

    Anyone who is ready to look within themselves. This is a simple and practical course that will give you a better understanding of yourself, the obstacles we face, and a solution to these problems.

  • How long is this course?

    The course itself spans over 4 days; however, the lessons are short. Very short on purpose. The goal is not to add more knowledge, but to narrow it down as the answer is already within you.

  • How long can I keep this course?

    This course is yours. You'll have unlimited access as long as you like.

  • What happens after I purchase the course?

    As soon as you purchase the course, you will get immediate access with a unique username and password.